Welcome to the online appendix of the dissertation ‘Designing for Adaptive Lighting Environments – embracing complexity in designing for systems’.

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Table of contents

This online appendix is structured as follows:


Design challenge & approach

Part I: Incubation

2. Exploring adaptive lighting environments

Appendix 2-A

Appendix 2-B

Appendix 2-C

Appendix 2-D

Appendix 2-E

Part II: Nursery

3. Designing tools: Lithne & Hyvve

Appendix 3-A

Appendix 3-B

Appendix 3-C

Appendix 3-D

4. On the design of Bolb

Appendix 4-A

Part III: Adoption

5. Evaluating adaptive lighting environments

Appendix 5-A

Appendix 5-B


6. Reflections & conclusions